Sunday, September 25, 2011

Menu Plan Monday 9/26

Here's our meal plan for 9/26-10/2. We rarely eat out, and when we do (once or twice a month tops) it's Taco Bell- $10 or less. Knowing we can make our own burritos for 1/4 of the cost is quite the incentive to planning and making our own meals. Starbucks coffee beans is our only planned indulgence, twice a month. :D

My goal is still to spend $100 a week (or less would be great), and while I made the goal last week, we went to Target for a re-stock of fruits and milk on Friday- so the true number would be closer to $125.  

Our meal plans are flexible, so if we want breakfast for dinner instead, we just improvise and move a meal to a later date. No food gets wasted, but we're not being forced to eat food that sounds unappetizing to us either. 

Linking up with Plan It- Don't Panic as well as Menu Plan Monday.

Breakfast Options:
We always have some home-brewed Starbucks coffee in the morning... either Yukon blend or my favorite- an iced vanilla latte.
  1. Bagel with peanut butter and fruit or egg
  2. Oatmeal with mango and walnuts
  3. Sausage, Hash-browns and eggs
  4. Pancakes (James' favorite)
  5. Zucchini Slice

Lunch Options: 
  1. Bean Burritos or Quesadillas (family favorite for lunch)
  2. Tuna Melts
  3. Wacky Mac Pasta
  4. Leftovers from Dinner

Snack Options:
  1. Banana Nut Muffins
  2. Fresh Fruit and yogurt
  3. Pretzels or Triscuits and cheese

Dinner Options:
  1. Lentil Shepherd's Pie
  2. Pizza and Salad
  3. Dad's Enchiladas, Spanish Rice and Beans
  4. Buffalo Burgers and Wedges
  5. Sun Dried Tomato Alfredo Pasta
  6. Nachos
  7. Roasted Vegetable Lasagna and Salad
Dessert Options:
  1. Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins 
Beverage Options:
  1. Water
  2. Iced Tea

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