Sunday, August 14, 2011

Don't Worry, We All Die.

James at the Duck Pond wearing one of his favorite shirts. He calls Pluto "Pepo". He is also sporting his new shoes- size 10 Buzz and Woody Light Ups. They have a velcro strap to make them easy on and easy off, and he is learning to put them on himself. He loves them!

Here he is talking to me through the speaker. He told me about his new shoes and lifted his leg up to show me the shoe through the speaker. :)

Still brave as can be and enjoys playing on all the playground equipment... except the teetering ledge he is walking on below; it slides around makes him nervous.

I sat down on this bench, and what do you know... a message from a stranger. I love it.

James getting ready for bed and pretending to be a monkey. "E-Ou-Ou!"

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